Treaty Body Webcast I

Committee Against Torture – 56th session (November – December 2015)




  • Lichtenstein: 9th November 3-6PM & 10th November 3-6PM
  • Azerbaijan: 11th November 10AM-13PM & 12th November 3-6PM
  • Austria: 12th November 10AM-13PM & 13th November 3-6PM
  • Denmark: 16th November 10AM-13PM & 17th November 3-6PM
  • China: 17th November 10AM-13PM & 18th November 3-6PM
  • Jordan: 20th November 10AM-13PM & 23th November 3-6PM

NOTE: The review of China is also available in Chinese at

对中国的审议在 上也有中文版。