Day of General Discussion CRC Committee

Day of General Discussion of the CRC Committee on “Digital media and children’s rights”

12 September 2014


CRC 67 Croatia

CRC 67th session: Croatia (CRC integrated OPAC)

In English 

CRC 67 Hungary

CRC 67th session: Hungary (CRC, OPSC and OPAC)

In English – Hungarian 

CRC 67 Fiji

CRC 67th session: Fiji (CRC)

In English 

CRC 67 Morocco

CRC 67th session: Morocco (CRC integrated OPSC, and OPAC)

In Arabic  

CRC 67 Venezuela

CRC 67th session: Venezuela (CRC, OPAC and OPSC)

In Spanish 

CRC – 66th session – Kyrgyzstan

CRC 66th session

Kyrgyzstan: 3rd to 4th periodic CRC (integrated OPAC and OPSC)

28 May 2014

CRC – 66th session – St. Lucia

CRC 66th session

St. Lucia: 2nd to 4th periodic CRC

6 June 2014

CRC – 66th session – UK

CRC 66th session

UK: initial OPSC

30 May 2014

CRC – 66th session – Indonesia

CRC 66th session

Indonesia: 3rd and 4th periodic CRC

5 June 2014