CERD 86: Denmark

CERD 86th session: Denmark Parts I and II

CERD 86: Germany

CERD 86th session: Germany Parts I-a, I-b and II

CERD 86: Sudan

CERD 86th session: Sudan Parts I and II

CERD 86: Bosnia and Herzegovina

CERD 86th session: Bosnia and Herzegovina Parts I-a, l-b and II

CERD 86: Guatemala

CERD 86th session: Guatemala Parts I and II

CERD 86: France

CERD 86th session: France Parts I-a, l-b, I-c and II

*Some parts of the Part I videos contains unclear sounds due to technical issues

CERD 85: Estonia

CERD 85th session: Estonia Parts I-a, l-b and II

CERD 85: Japan

CERD 85th session: Japan Parts I and II

CERD 85: Iraq

CERD 85th session: Iraq Parts I and II

CERD 85: Cameroon

CERD 85th session:  Cameroon Parts I and II